Super Tuesday Winner: Obama, McCain, Hillary or Ron Paul?

Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea.

Well, gang, it’s Super Tuesday. For anyone who’s been living under a rock – and based on the economy, that’s more and more of you every day – Super Tuesday is the day that typically determines the presidential nomination winners in each party.

Today a whopping 24 states are holding either a primary or a caucus-style election. 52 percent of the democratic delegates and 41 percent of the republican delegates are up for grabs.

So, in preparation for today, Daily Idea would like to officially endorse a candidate. But first, a quick review: Continue reading

Fridays with Falls: Birthday Memories

Today is Falls’s birthday and he takes us for a stroll down memory lane… and Sally Westerman’s shirt. Top his birthday stories in the comments section and maybe you will be featured on a future episode … or Sally Westerman’s shirt.

Please leave a comment below with your favorite birthday memories and your best wishes to our birthday boy, Jason Falls!

Fridays with Falls: Birthday Memories por dailyidea

How To Deal With Winter, As Told By Canadians

Nobody knows cold, snow and winter like our friends from the Great White North. In order to learn a few tricks of the trade, not to mention sever international relations, The Daily Idea sent Jason Falls to Canada to investigate. What happened was nothing short of hilarious … especially when he went ski-doo-ing. You’ll want to watch this one all the way through.

How To Deal With Winter, As Told By Canadians por dailyidea

Cold weather can certainly pose its fair share of challenges, so the Daily Idea wanted to offer up some advice on how to deal with the cold.

But, we live in the South and knew you were smart enough to see right through it. So we sent the always frigid Jason Falls to ask advice of people who should know: Canadians!

Jason had a little something extra for us in his report from the field. We’d like to caution you, however, what you are about to see is graphic, horrific and perhaps the funniest thing we’ve ever seen Jason do.

He is soooo embarrassing. Rest assured folks, Jason was okay and made it through customs safely. All the cold water hooch he tried to smuggle back, though, didn’t quite make it.

Wherever you are this winter, be sure to keep some safe, alternate heating sources around just in case the power goes out. And by safe, we don’t mean a steel bucket and some lighter fluid. Believe me I know … sorry to tattle, Dad. Bundle up and stay warm.

And that’s another Daily Idea.


Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health, even when advertising and publicity tries to teach us the other way around. We asked our research staff to come up with some foolproof ways to quit smoking. Now, before you get the jitters and need a nicotine fix let’s see if these tips will help.

Foolproof Ways To Stop Smoking por dailyidea


NIKKI: Ever since the Daily Idea actually
became…well…daily, I must admit that my stress level
has skyrocketed. On top of making sure my make-up
looks good and my hair is straight, I have to read
from this teleprompter. Daily! Its enough to make a
girl go crazy with stress. So to take some of the
edge off, I started smoking. I know, I know, cancer
sticks are bad for you. That’s why I’m trying to kick
the addiction. So I asked our research staff to come
up with some foolproof ways to quit smoking. Now,
before I get the jitters and need a nicotine fix let’s
see if these tips will really help.

First, our research team suggests setting a realistic
date to quit. And have a witness there to help keep
you accountable to your commitment.


(Two actors sitting at a table with pen and paper; top
of paper clearly says “Realistic Quit Date”)

GIRL: So, I’m here to be your witness. When are you
gonna quit?

(Guy is writing something down)

GUY: January 31. (Passes sheet to her)

GIRL: That soon? (says this, then looks down)

GUY: Yeah, January 31, 2017.

GIRL: And just a shade under a decade.

(Quick cut back to Nikki)

NIKKI: Another suggestion is to replace the physical
and oral sensations you get from smoking that
cigarette by chewing gum. Speaking of cigarettes, has
anyone seen my lighter? Seriously, where’s my


GIRL: So how’s it going? Are you sticking with your
commitment to quit smoking?

(Guy’s mouth is full of gum; almost unintelligible)

GUY: Totally. Every time I get a craving to smoke, I
just stick another piece of gum in my mouth…today’s
been a bit stressful.

GIRL: Really?

(Quick cut back to Nikki)


NIKKI: Quitting is not going to be easy. When that
craving hits, you will have to be strong. So why
don’t you make a list of difficult things you’ve
overcome in the past. These helpful reminders will
serve as a way to get you through those tough times.
(thinks the shot is over; exasperated now)
Jay…dude…where’s my lighter. This isn’t cool…


(Guy is rocking back and forth with legs curled up
staring straight ahead; almost crazy looking)

GIRL: Alright, I know you really want to smoke right
now, but let’s think about all the difficult things
you’ve overcome in the past. Here, I’ll make a list.
Remember that time you… (obviously, can’t think of
one) Why don’t you name one?

GUY: Uhhh…I did watch all of “License to Wed” with
you. That was really tough. And listening to you
tell that really dumb story about your girls’ night
out was pretty hard to get through. (perks up with
each new thought) And that time I pretended to like
that Chicken Pot Pie you cooked…now that was an
extremely difficult period of my life. Wow. I feel
better already. Thanks, hon.

GIRL: (obviously mad) I need a smoke.

(Quick cut back to Nikki)

NIKKI: (unaware that cameras are on) If you
don’t give me that lighter, I’m swear I’m
gonna…(realizes we are back on)…Oh…hi. Alright.
Obviously I need to watch this episode again.
Quitting a habit like smoking is challenging. You may
have to quit more than once. But keep trying. Your
lungs and wallet will appreciate it. And if what we
mentioned doesn’t help…there’s always this method…


(Girl covers Guy’s mouth in duct tape)

(Quick cut back to Nikki)

NIKKI: And that’s another Daily Idea.

How to Throw the World’s Worst New Year’s Eve Party

Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea. It’s almost New Year’s Eve, gang, and we’re here to give you a few suggestions on throwing your very own party. Rather than competing with a million other parties that will be waaaay better than yours, why not throw the world’s worst party on New Year’s?

Start by inviting all the wrong people. Put together the worst possible combination of your friends and neighbors. Invite parents with annoying kids, but specify to your other guests the party is kid-free. Invite liberals, conservatives and mimes then start conversations about abortion and the need for more invisible prisons.

Bad parties can be saved with good food, but not if you serve the wrong kind and don’t serve enough of it. Serve foods at your party that aren’t easy to eat. Break out your old fondue set but only put out one of the skewer. Watch as people awkwardly try to share. Instead of using chocolate or cheese, go with something obscure like lukewarm hollandaise sauce with whole bananas. Brag that it’s your grandmother’s recipe. Continue reading

Christmas Guide to Gift Giving

Hi I’m Nikki Key with another Daily Idea. But first an announcement.

Christmas is only a few days away!

So how do you pick that perfect gift for all those special someone’s on your list? Heck if I know. I’m not a mind reader. I read a teleprompter for a living. But what I can do is help you avoid Xmas gift disaster with:

Daily’s Ideas Guide to Christmas Gifts You Shouldn’t Buy for Someone You Care About

So what makes a bad Xmas gift? Let’s start with the basics. Say you’ve got a friend who’s always complaining about how fat they are. Avoid giving that person a gym membership, unless you want to spend the rest of your friendship (which probably won’t be long) hearing such statements as “Well, off to the gym again! Because you think I’m a fat tub of lard.” The same rule applies to your friends with big noses and plastic surgery. Continue reading

Parenting Tips from Britney Spears

We usually turn to our own team or external experts for insightful tips. But today, we asked pop singer and mommy expert, Britney Spears to share her wisdom on being a parent. Britney called in to teach us all about raising a child.


Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea. Responding to repeated requests to our inbox…(baby crying)…ugggh, not again…well, today’s topic was going to be can’t-miss stock tips, but I’m too tired for that. Now that I’m a big time online actress, I decided to accessorize with a baby. It’s not mine. I’m just borrowing it from my assistant for a few weeks to see how it goes. The jury’s still out.

I’ve been getting some tips on motherhood from Britney. We met at Promises a few weeks ago. Oh, sorry, I’m not supposed to talk anyone I met. So, to protect us legally, let’s just call her “Jaime Lynn.” Jaime Lynn taught me a lot. She sent me this email just yesterday. “The first thing,” she said, “is that being a parent is about convenience. You must schedule your c-section,” she said. “You might even need to go ahead and do it before you get pregnant.” Continue reading

What Type of Social Networking User Are You?

Millions of people use social networks every day, but you need to be aware of the three types of users. Your actions determine what type of social networking user you become, so watch this video to identify which of the three types are you!

Today’s episode is sponsored by If you’re tired of managing too many online profiles, let Profilactic solve this problem with their easy-to-use mashup.FULL TRANSCRIPT

Hi I’m Nikki Key and you are watching the Daily Idea.

Today we are going to talk about social networking and determining what type of social networking user you are. Whether it is MySpace, Facebook, Freindster, Hi-5, Bebo, LinkedIn, Orkut, or Humble Voice each user usually fits a profile. Here at the Daily Idea we are going to help you figure out which profile you fit.

If you pro actively go out and attempt to gain friends, add anyone that comes into contact with you even if they are just trying to sell you ringtones, and keep track of your rising friend count like it was the NASDAQ than we consider you a friends wh…. Well let’s just say you have a “casual moral attitude” when it comes to adding friends.

Users like this aren’t usually interested in building a relationship but promoting something or just trying to accumulate numbers to fill a void in their heart. I guess it is better than using pain killers and cheap vodka to fill it.

If you are the opposite and keep your profile private adding only the closest people to you, than we consider you a closed networker or just an unfriendly person. These users are usually either super important or have a massive skeleton to hide. Most of the time though these people are usually trying to keep secret information from going public so it doesn’t impact their impending divorce trial, or so I have heard.

Just like Goldilock and the three bears there is one type of social networking user that is just right. Our third type of user is someone that is interested in genuinely connecting with other users and looks at social networking websites as a way to engage in multiple conversations with people that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to meet in real life.

They use social networking to create content, respond to others content, and share what they find with other users. We like to think of this type of person as the ideal citizen in the cyber world. A pro-consumer or a con-producer if you will…

We hope this helped you determine what type of social networking user you are, and hopefully if you are one of the first two we listed this will help you change and become that “just right” user.

If you’d like to be a part of our global conversation you can add the Daily Idea to your MySpace or Facebook account as well as sharing us with your friends. You know we always appreciate that.