Christmas Guide to Gift Giving

Hi I’m Nikki Key with another Daily Idea. But first an announcement.

Christmas is only a few days away!

So how do you pick that perfect gift for all those special someone’s on your list? Heck if I know. I’m not a mind reader. I read a teleprompter for a living. But what I can do is help you avoid Xmas gift disaster with:

Daily’s Ideas Guide to Christmas Gifts You Shouldn’t Buy for Someone You Care About

So what makes a bad Xmas gift? Let’s start with the basics. Say you’ve got a friend who’s always complaining about how fat they are. Avoid giving that person a gym membership, unless you want to spend the rest of your friendship (which probably won’t be long) hearing such statements as “Well, off to the gym again! Because you think I’m a fat tub of lard.” The same rule applies to your friends with big noses and plastic surgery. Continue reading

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Family Therapy: Dealing with Thanksgiving Relatives

Family Therapy: Dealing With Thanksgiving… by dailyidea

Thanksgiving it’s not just a marketing day. It is nearing and the season of thanks brings about universal meaning for most of us: turkey, football, and family fighting. We interviewed several people about family holiday traditions, favorite foods and wacky relatives.

Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching The Daily Idea.

Thanksgiving is nearing and the season of thanks brings about universal meaning for most of us: Turkey, Football, and family fighting.

Instead of telling you horror stories about my family, on today’s Daily Idea, we’re taking it to the streets. Rabid roving reporter Jason Falls visited a mall recently to ask folks how they deal with those annoying relatives for the holidays.


Nikki, what we found here today is that like the turkey, the stuffing, warm rolls and pumpkin pie, irritating relatives are a staple of Thanksgivings everywhere. And speaking of staples, several would fit nicely across my mother-in-law’s mouth.

For the Daily Idea, I’m rabid roving reporter Jason Falls.

Thanks, Jason … I think.

One thing we sure are thankful for here at the Daily Idea are the good sports who had to suffer through Jason’s questions. In all seriousness, though, we’re eternally thankful for you, our viewers. Thank you for making the Daily Idea part of your regular web surfing routine. We hope you have a great meal, great fun and enjoy your great family this Thanksgiving.

And that’s another Daily Idea.

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

It’s almost Halloween judging by all the weird inflatables in your neighbor’s yard. Halloween means two things: first, you need a costume. Second, you need to schedule the day after Halloween off because, let’s face it, you’re going to get hammered again this year.

But back to the costume. The fact is, what you wear Halloween night says a lot about you. Daily Idea contacted The International Council on Ridiculous Halloween Costumes to help you avoid saying too much with your get up before you ever open your mouth.

Let’s start with what we call the “one trick pony” costume. The one trick pony is basically just one big sight gag that gets old after about two minutes. It’s even less funny when you have to explain the joke. The one trick pony says “I was too lazy to go all out for a costume and so I just settled for a big prop. I’m just here for the beer.” This guy ponied up twenty five bucks for a big novelty magnet with little chicks on it. He’s a chick magnet, get it. This is about as hilarious as a colonoscopy. And isn’t “chick magnet” a little arrogant? If you really wanna be a chick magnet, guys, dress yourself as a wad of cash. Continue reading