Daily idea is a web show based in Louisville, KY. Daily Idea is a how-to, humorous show about things you should know. This creative team of writers, producers, editors and on-air talent come from backgrounds in television, film and web production. With hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers, their videos have been featured on many sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, iTunes Yahoo! and Revver. Most recently, The Daily Idea was voted as the 2007 Best Video Blog by Performancing.com.

The Daily Idea Team



Todd Edward – has been developing profitable ventures for the past 12 years. Mr. Earwood began his professional career creating the web division of Norton Healthcare in Louisville, KY. In his first 12 months, he turned the company’s web site from an afterthought into a 6 figure profit center. Norton’s site had over 15 million annual visitors, 27 million pages and was rated a top 10 U.S. hospital web site. Todd has since founded and sold businesses in the telecom, IT, video and web industries. Most recently, Todd is a co-founder of Almost Mediocre, a LA-based web video venture and sold web properties to Sprint and Fremantle Media. He has a BS in Business from Murray State University. Read more at ToddEarwood.com

Rob Mary – has a module in his brain that thinks about business 24/7. His ability to turn a casual conversation at a party into a discussion of revenue recognition principles or the effects of cognitive biases on business decisions has made sure he never gets invited a second time. Rob started his career as a digital circuit designer. He moved on to own a sports training business, a web consulting company, and several failed attempts at startups that seemed like good ideas at the time. He ran the Business Experiment, and is currently working on a video yellow pages idea. He has been blogging for 4 years atBusinesspundit.com.


Jay Bowman graduated with a Bachelors in Media Production from Missouri State University in 1998. After graduating, Mr. Bowman moved to Los Angeles, CA to work in the film industry. Within a short time he was hired on to assist in the editing rooms of two independent features (Bellyfruit, Carlo’s Wake) and a feature film through New Line Cinema (The Bachelor). Mr. Bowman left LA to begin work in television production departments and editing rooms of ABC and NBC. Mr. Bowman manages the creative design of the Daily Idea and looks to lead the show to new professional levels in the burgeoning market of internet video.


Nikki Key began her entertainment career in the third grade landing the role of “Emperor” in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Beating out a handful of hopefuls, Nikki knew entertainment was her destiny. Several school plays and public speaking engagements later, Nikki’s Internet TV career began in January 2007 as the host of “Moxy TV” with shows in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Los Angeles. Nikki may be the only video blog host to hold degree in Law from Oxford University. As a day job, she works for a well-known beaded ice cream company as a National Account Sales Manager dealing with accounts such as LA Dodgers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Universal Studios. Nikki has traveled to 46 US states and lived in three countries.


Joe Bennett is a writer, performer, special correspondent, coffee maker…Joe does a bit of everything here at the Daily Idea. But he hasn’t let the success go to his head. As long as he gets his bowl of blue M&M’s, freshly cut white roses, and a warm robe for his dressing room, Joe is a pleasure to work with.

Joe also writes and performs for “The Joe and Dan Show” , a live, interactive sketch comedy show.


Jason Falls is a staff writer and rabid roving reporter for The Daily Idea, but not a good enough of one to quit his day job. He’s really a social media strategist for Louisville-based Doe Anderson, the fifth-oldest advertising agency in the United States. Falls is an award-winning writer with a pedigree in public relations. His writing and PR pitches have appeared in national, regional and local newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcasts and around the Internet. He blogs about social media at SocialMediaExplorer.com when he’s not chasing his son around the house or doing chores for his wife.

Chad Holder is a native of Henderson, KY and a 1996 graduate of Murray State University. He moved to Louisville in 1998 and began work in ad sales at a very large local newspaper, a job to which he credits the loss of his soul in exchange for a practical understanding of Louisville highways and byways. In 2000, he moved into health care marketing where he continues today. In 2006, he started his own advertising consulting business as a side job that has yet to really take off. Chad enjoys trivia, books, movies and sports — both the real and fantasy variety — and is a nearly lifelong fan of Syracuse basketball and Toronto Blue Jays baseball. He hates NASCAR, teenagers, Sandra Bullock movies and all forms of business-speak. Chad’s married to the second girl he dated after his high school sweetheart and has two beautiful daughters, Katherine and Eleanor.

Kevin Palmer peaked in High School when he was hit in a baseball game twice in the thigh, everything else since then has been downhill. Palmer writes for the Daily Idea as well as being the head writer for the Pop Crunch Show. He currently is the New Media Manager for a Sports Card and Memorabilia company in Buffalo, where he really enjoys the 8 month winters. In his free time Palmer drinks and womanizes way too much and may have fathered children in at least 32 states, although none of this can be verified. He enjoys performing stand up comedy and writing in his spare time. You can find his social networking blog at buzznetworker.com and his comedy blog at pointlessbanter.net.

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