Top Links for How To Train A Dog


Training dogs can sometimes be a difficult process, so we want to help you out with some great links. Our own Joe Bennett compiled the best links on how to train your dog. He even shows you how he trained his own dog in this video and a funny YouTube video (see below) on dogs that can talk!

Hi, I’m Joe Bennett and this is Seriously (my dog) and you’re watching another Daily Idea.

Yes, my dog’s name is actually Seriously. As you can imagine, I was never allowed to name our pets growing up. Today is for all you dog lovers. Training dogs can sometimes be a difficult process, so we want to help you out with some great links.

Isn’t that right, Seriously? I should have trained him to bark after I said that. Hindsight.
First up is
Besides being like facebook for dogs, you can also post a question concerning dog training and other users help answer your dog conundrum. Everything from basic training to teaching them tricks, dogster has got it all.

Next up is Let’s say you are in the process of looking for a dog. Well, this site gives you a list of the easiest dogs to train, along with tons of training articles and blog posts. is another great resource for your cat needs. Just kidding. On this site, you can find out answers to your questions from real experts. This site is a great resource center for all things dog and lists featured products.

Our next featured site is Guess what these articles are about? If you said Dog Training Basics, you are correct. Learn about training through articles on puppies, health and safety, behavior, and more.

This last link really won’t teach you anything about training, but it does feature talking dogs (You Tube Video). And who doesn’t love talking dogs? Isn’t that right Seriously? Again, this would be a good time to bark. No? Not going to do it? Fine.

Be sure to check out for all the links we mentioned. And if you have any good resources for dog training or your stories about it, let us know in the comment section.

And that’s another (look at Seriously to bark)…Daily Idea.