How To Deal With Winter, As Told By Canadians

Nobody knows cold, snow and winter like our friends from the Great White North. In order to learn a few tricks of the trade, not to mention sever international relations, The Daily Idea sent Jason Falls to Canada to investigate. What happened was nothing short of hilarious … especially when he went ski-doo-ing. You’ll want to watch this one all the way through.

How To Deal With Winter, As Told By Canadians por dailyidea

Cold weather can certainly pose its fair share of challenges, so the Daily Idea wanted to offer up some advice on how to deal with the cold.

But, we live in the South and knew you were smart enough to see right through it. So we sent the always frigid Jason Falls to ask advice of people who should know: Canadians!

Jason had a little something extra for us in his report from the field. We’d like to caution you, however, what you are about to see is graphic, horrific and perhaps the funniest thing we’ve ever seen Jason do.

He is soooo embarrassing. Rest assured folks, Jason was okay and made it through customs safely. All the cold water hooch he tried to smuggle back, though, didn’t quite make it.

Wherever you are this winter, be sure to keep some safe, alternate heating sources around just in case the power goes out. And by safe, we don’t mean a steel bucket and some lighter fluid. Believe me I know … sorry to tattle, Dad. Bundle up and stay warm.

And that’s another Daily Idea.

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