Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health, even when advertising and publicity tries to teach us the other way around. We asked our research staff to come up with some foolproof ways to quit smoking. Now, before you get the jitters and need a nicotine fix let’s see if these tips will help.

Foolproof Ways To Stop Smoking por dailyidea


NIKKI: Ever since the Daily Idea actually
became…well…daily, I must admit that my stress level
has skyrocketed. On top of making sure my make-up
looks good and my hair is straight, I have to read
from this teleprompter. Daily! Its enough to make a
girl go crazy with stress. So to take some of the
edge off, I started smoking. I know, I know, cancer
sticks are bad for you. That’s why I’m trying to kick
the addiction. So I asked our research staff to come
up with some foolproof ways to quit smoking. Now,
before I get the jitters and need a nicotine fix let’s
see if these tips will really help.

First, our research team suggests setting a realistic
date to quit. And have a witness there to help keep
you accountable to your commitment.


(Two actors sitting at a table with pen and paper; top
of paper clearly says “Realistic Quit Date”)

GIRL: So, I’m here to be your witness. When are you
gonna quit?

(Guy is writing something down)

GUY: January 31. (Passes sheet to her)

GIRL: That soon? (says this, then looks down)

GUY: Yeah, January 31, 2017.

GIRL: And just a shade under a decade.

(Quick cut back to Nikki)

NIKKI: Another suggestion is to replace the physical
and oral sensations you get from smoking that
cigarette by chewing gum. Speaking of cigarettes, has
anyone seen my lighter? Seriously, where’s my


GIRL: So how’s it going? Are you sticking with your
commitment to quit smoking?

(Guy’s mouth is full of gum; almost unintelligible)

GUY: Totally. Every time I get a craving to smoke, I
just stick another piece of gum in my mouth…today’s
been a bit stressful.

GIRL: Really?

(Quick cut back to Nikki)


NIKKI: Quitting is not going to be easy. When that
craving hits, you will have to be strong. So why
don’t you make a list of difficult things you’ve
overcome in the past. These helpful reminders will
serve as a way to get you through those tough times.
(thinks the shot is over; exasperated now)
Jay…dude…where’s my lighter. This isn’t cool…


(Guy is rocking back and forth with legs curled up
staring straight ahead; almost crazy looking)

GIRL: Alright, I know you really want to smoke right
now, but let’s think about all the difficult things
you’ve overcome in the past. Here, I’ll make a list.
Remember that time you… (obviously, can’t think of
one) Why don’t you name one?

GUY: Uhhh…I did watch all of “License to Wed” with
you. That was really tough. And listening to you
tell that really dumb story about your girls’ night
out was pretty hard to get through. (perks up with
each new thought) And that time I pretended to like
that Chicken Pot Pie you cooked…now that was an
extremely difficult period of my life. Wow. I feel
better already. Thanks, hon.

GIRL: (obviously mad) I need a smoke.

(Quick cut back to Nikki)

NIKKI: (unaware that cameras are on) If you
don’t give me that lighter, I’m swear I’m
gonna…(realizes we are back on)…Oh…hi. Alright.
Obviously I need to watch this episode again.
Quitting a habit like smoking is challenging. You may
have to quit more than once. But keep trying. Your
lungs and wallet will appreciate it. And if what we
mentioned doesn’t help…there’s always this method…


(Girl covers Guy’s mouth in duct tape)

(Quick cut back to Nikki)

NIKKI: And that’s another Daily Idea.

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