Christmas Guide to Gift Giving

Hi I’m Nikki Key with another Daily Idea. But first an announcement.

Christmas is only a few days away!

So how do you pick that perfect gift for all those special someone’s on your list? Heck if I know. I’m not a mind reader. I read a teleprompter for a living. But what I can do is help you avoid Xmas gift disaster with:

Daily’s Ideas Guide to Christmas Gifts You Shouldn’t Buy for Someone You Care About

So what makes a bad Xmas gift? Let’s start with the basics. Say you’ve got a friend who’s always complaining about how fat they are. Avoid giving that person a gym membership, unless you want to spend the rest of your friendship (which probably won’t be long) hearing such statements as “Well, off to the gym again! Because you think I’m a fat tub of lard.” The same rule applies to your friends with big noses and plastic surgery.

Your relationship with someone can play a big role in avoiding a bad gift decision. Maybe your roommate’s always dreamed of taking up the trombone. But don’t forget, she’s going to need to practice and trombones are LOUD. Now this one may sound a bit selfish, but trust me, avoiding this bad gift is as much for her benefit as yours.

Fight the urge to go for the quick fix.

A lot of people will think, “I’ll just go to a gift store. It’s got ’gift’ in the name! How can I go wrong?

WARNING: Never buy anything for a loved one from Spencer’s Gifts.

Unless your Dad runs a strip club or your girlfriend’s a fantasy nerd, you’re probably not going to earn a lot of points with a cheap disco ball or the posed dragon cell phone holder.

Also please note, The Cookie Sutra Cookbook is not appropriate for grandmothers.

Don’t be fooled by Internet advertising.

Sure a subscription to Netflix sounds like a neat idea, but the recipient will be cursing your name when that first bill comes and they’re too addicted to the service to cancel. Plus, the odds are they saw that ad too, and know you only spent $4.99 for something they’re now spending 20 bucks a month for.

Of course everyone always says that fruitcake is the ultimate bad gift. I disagree. Let’s say you’ve got to go to a Bad Santa gift exchange at work. Bring the fruitcake. That joke’s so clichéd, you’ll end being the office comedian because you brought the hilariously ironic gift. Plus what do you care if Barry in accounting ends up with a lame gift? That creep’s always trying to look down your shirt!

Well, that’s it folks. You’re one step closer to Xmas bliss, compliments of Daily Idea. Now get out there and boost that economy!

And that’s another Daily Idea.

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