How To Understand Teenagers

Ever seen a text message or email from a teenager? Usually it needs more translation than hieroglyphics. This episode will help you crack the code on teenage net speak and texting and learn to message like a mall rat.

How To Understand Teenagers por dailyidea

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Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching The Daily Idea.

Each week here at the Daily Idea we get a handful of emails from viewers like you with show suggestions, feedback and, of course, offers on a good deal for Viagra. But every now and then we get an email from a teenager which needs more translation than hieroglyphics.

Since some of you out there either have kids or know someone who does, today’s Daily Idea will help you crack the code on teenage net speak and textting and learn to message like a mall rat.

Let’s start out with an example. Here’s an e-mail from Rachel in Arizona. It reads …

Dear Daily Idea, I-L-U-S-M I watch U every day and tell E-V, the number one, I know the number 2 D-M-A-F and watch the number 2. I … Less-than symbol, the number three u-r skit shows. They have me R-O-F-L-M-A-O. U rock. Oh, B-T-W, tell Jay he’s a Q-T-Pie. L-O-L. C-U L-8-T-R. Rach-L

ACTUAL TEXT FOR GRAPHIC: “Dear Daily Idea, ilusm. I watch U everyday and idk how many friends ive told 2 watch 2. I <3 ur skit shows. They have me ROFLAMO. U rock Oh, B-T-W, tell Jay he’s a qt-pie, lol. cul8tr, RachL”

Yeah, Rachel. I can haz cheeseburger, too.

Actually, if you know a little something about teenagers and net-speak, her message makes a lot of sense. She loves us so much, watches everyday and tells her friends to watch as well. She loves our skit shows, they have her rolling on the floor laughing her … butt off. We rock and, oh by the way, tell Jay he’s a cutie pie. That made her laugh out loud. Then she said, see you later, Rachel.

But how do you translate that without knowing the lingo? First of all, follow the Kiss rule … Keep it simple, stupid. Teenagers invented net-speak to not have to use so many keystrokes to type notes on their computers or cell phone keypads. All they’ve done is simplified the language to abbreviations and acronyms.

By looking at the letters O-M-G and recognizing the content … that it appears to be used as an explicative, you can deduce it means “oh my god” as in, “Oh my god, Becky. Did you hear what Todd said to Gina about Michelle’s prom dress? I was like, oh my god.”

“OMG Bky. Dyh what td sd 2 Gna bout Michls prom dress? I was lk, OMG!”

Another trick is to learn the basics. We’ve already talked about O-M-G. L-O-L is popular and stands for laugh out loud, meaning something is funny. There’s B-R-B (be right back), B-T-W (by the way) and R-O-F-L which stands for rolling on the floor laughing. If you stumble across one you don’t know, just look at the context and try to identify a common phrase that would fit into that space. If you still can’t figure it out, just type I-D-K … that’s I don’t know.

And if you have kids and happen to see something on their screen that starts with the letter “P”, that’s code for Parent. There’s P-I-R for parents in the room, P-R-W for parents are watching and P-O-S for parents over the shoulder. If you see that, your kid is trying to make sure their friend keeps it clean.

If you do see that, freak your kids out a little bit and type, W-T-F? Then turn off the computer.

And that’s another Daily Idea.

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