How to Properly Break Up With Someone

How to Not Break Up With Someone por dailyidea

We’ve all been through it….the dreaded break-up. However, watching this season’s ending of the “reality” show “The Bachelor” reminded me many people could use a lesson in how to properly end a relationship. The person breaking up with you should give you a reason – any reason!!!

Just remember what Justin Timberlake sings – what goes around, comes around, so always be careful when dealing with matters of the heart. Post the worst break-up line you’ve used or been given in the comments below. We’ll choose a winner and post it here on our site.

Each week I’ll be coming to you in a different format to get your input or talk about a specific topic. Sooo, today, I want to talk about proper breakups.

Watching this season’s ending of the “reality” show “The Bachelor” reminded me many people could use a lesson in how to properly end a relationship.

We’ve all had our heart broken. But it really sucks when there’s no explanation given, nothing. The person breaking up with you should give you a reason – any reason!

A few common but pitiful responses are…

– I feel suffocated
– I need a break
– I think you should date other people
– I just can’t give you what you need right now.
– or my all time favorite, it’s not you, it’s me.

So what I want to know from you is what is THE WORST break-up line someone has given you? Write in a comment and we’ll choose a winner.

In the meantime, if you’re about to end a relationship, please have the decency to give the person a plausible reason as to why you’re breaking their heart. It will help them heal faster and move on in a non-stalker way.

Also, one day when the shoes are switched and someone you care about is breaking your heart, you will want a reason too.

Until next time, remember the lyrics… “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” So tell me the worst breakup line you’ve heard or used by posting a comment at Daily

Things to consider before you get married

Things to Consider Before You Get Married by dailyidea

So you’re thinking about getting married? Before you get ahead of yourself, a few of the amateur marriage counselors here at the Daily Idea put together a list of some things to keep in mind before you get serious about getting hitched.

Link Resource: Dumb Little Man


Nikki: Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea. So you’re thinking about getting married? Well, it’s about time. But before you get ahead of yourself, a few of the amateur marriage counselors here at the Daily Idea put together a barely comprehensive list of some things to keep in mind before you get serious about getting hitched.

Romance (title on screen)

Nikki: Marital bliss is all about honesty. That includes your past relationships. It’s important to know a little bit about your partner’s previous partners if you know what I mean. You don’t want any major surprises after you’ve already said “I do.”

Girl: If we’re going to get married, I think we need to be honest with one another about our past.
Boy: You mean my past. Ok, fine.

[Each sits down to make a list. The girl has a 3×5 card. The guy has a legal pad. The girl scrawls on her card for about 3-4 seconds and she’s done. She looks over at the guy and he’s frantically writing still. He flips the page. Cut to clock on the wall. Cut back to guy frantically writing. Back to clock. You get the idea. Cut back to the guy finally finishing his list about four pages in.]

Boy: (still writing) And…I’m…done.

Girl: (disgusted) Nevermind.

Finance (title on screen)

Nikki: Research married couples fight most often about money and sex. You can avoid some arguments over both with a few honest discussions while you’re still dating. Start with review of everyone’s salary and savings, and especially any outstanding debt. This will help you get an idea of where you’d be starting financially and prepare you for any incompatibilities in your spending habits.

Girl: I printed this out for you. (hands page to Guy) I have about four thousand in savings and about a thousand in my checking. I keep all my financial records in here. They’re organized by type of bill, then by month. (points to a nice bank box with vertical files inside)

Guy: Wow. That’s quite a system you have there.

Girl: I pay all my bills as soon as they come in and I have no debt. What about you?

Guy: Uh, yeah…I have about eighteen dollars in my checking. I keep my financial records in here. (hands her his wallet, which is fat with receipts sticking out everywhere) They’re organized by folding them and putting them in sideways.

Girl: That’s quite a system you have.

Kids (title on screen)

Nikki: Talking about kids too soon is probably one of the quickest ways to find yourself single again. But once you’re both looking toward marriage, it’s a good time to find out if you’re both in favor of a family or not.

Guy (with a basketball): I can’t wait to coach the kids someday.

Girl: I assume you mean the neighborhood kids at the YMCA.

Guy: No, I mean my own kids. Are you saying you don’t want to have kids?

Girl: I really don’t like the idea of actually having kids. Maybe Brad and Angelina will just give us some of theirs. I’ve like the one with the funny name.


Nikki: Lots of married couples find out too late they’re faiths don’t match. Inevitably one party wants to get married in a church with an alcohol-free reception. The other party wants a five-minute ceremony with ice cold beer waiting in the parking lot. And that’s just the trivial stuff. There are a lot of much larger issues related to faith plays you should know before you’re both halfway down the aisle.

Guy: Ok, so how often do you go to church?

Girl: Usually two or three times a week. Sometimes Saturday, but mostly Sundays and Wednesdays. How often do you go?
Guy: I go two days.

Girl: Two days a week?
Guy: No, two days — Christmas and Easter.


Nikki: And finally, while there are certain issues you shouldn’t discuss at dinner parties, that doesn’t mean you can avoid controversial topics at home. Issues that you very strongly about, your spouse-to-be may feel just as strongly about. On the opposite side. Take an evening to go over your hot button issues to see where you agree and where you’ll need to agree to disagree.

Girl: We don’t agree on anything, huh?

Guy: What about politics?

Girl: Democrat.

Guy: Green Party. I voted for Nader in oh four.

Girl: You just wasted your vote.

Guy: So did you.

Nikki: Maybe opposites really do attract. Apparently they also divorce about 50% of the time. So consider these issues before you start thinking about a wedding date. Oh, and let us know what you decide about the reception because we’re planning to get tanked.

And that’s another Daily Idea.

Sticky Post

Family Therapy: Dealing with Thanksgiving Relatives

Family Therapy: Dealing With Thanksgiving… by dailyidea

Thanksgiving it’s not just a marketing day. It is nearing and the season of thanks brings about universal meaning for most of us: turkey, football, and family fighting. We interviewed several people about family holiday traditions, favorite foods and wacky relatives.

Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching The Daily Idea.

Thanksgiving is nearing and the season of thanks brings about universal meaning for most of us: Turkey, Football, and family fighting.

Instead of telling you horror stories about my family, on today’s Daily Idea, we’re taking it to the streets. Rabid roving reporter Jason Falls visited a mall recently to ask folks how they deal with those annoying relatives for the holidays.


Nikki, what we found here today is that like the turkey, the stuffing, warm rolls and pumpkin pie, irritating relatives are a staple of Thanksgivings everywhere. And speaking of staples, several would fit nicely across my mother-in-law’s mouth.

For the Daily Idea, I’m rabid roving reporter Jason Falls.

Thanks, Jason … I think.

One thing we sure are thankful for here at the Daily Idea are the good sports who had to suffer through Jason’s questions. In all seriousness, though, we’re eternally thankful for you, our viewers. Thank you for making the Daily Idea part of your regular web surfing routine. We hope you have a great meal, great fun and enjoy your great family this Thanksgiving.

And that’s another Daily Idea.

How To Understand Teenagers

Ever seen a text message or email from a teenager? Usually it needs more translation than hieroglyphics. This episode will help you crack the code on teenage net speak and texting and learn to message like a mall rat.

How To Understand Teenagers por dailyidea

Link Resources: Dumb Little Man, No Slang


Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching The Daily Idea.

Each week here at the Daily Idea we get a handful of emails from viewers like you with show suggestions, feedback and, of course, offers on a good deal for Viagra. But every now and then we get an email from a teenager which needs more translation than hieroglyphics.

Since some of you out there either have kids or know someone who does, today’s Daily Idea will help you crack the code on teenage net speak and textting and learn to message like a mall rat.

Let’s start out with an example. Here’s an e-mail from Rachel in Arizona. It reads …

Dear Daily Idea, I-L-U-S-M I watch U every day and tell E-V, the number one, I know the number 2 D-M-A-F and watch the number 2. I … Less-than symbol, the number three u-r skit shows. They have me R-O-F-L-M-A-O. U rock. Oh, B-T-W, tell Jay he’s a Q-T-Pie. L-O-L. C-U L-8-T-R. Rach-L

ACTUAL TEXT FOR GRAPHIC: “Dear Daily Idea, ilusm. I watch U everyday and idk how many friends ive told 2 watch 2. I <3 ur skit shows. They have me ROFLAMO. U rock Oh, B-T-W, tell Jay he’s a qt-pie, lol. cul8tr, RachL”

Yeah, Rachel. I can haz cheeseburger, too.

Actually, if you know a little something about teenagers and net-speak, her message makes a lot of sense. She loves us so much, watches everyday and tells her friends to watch as well. She loves our skit shows, they have her rolling on the floor laughing her … butt off. We rock and, oh by the way, tell Jay he’s a cutie pie. That made her laugh out loud. Then she said, see you later, Rachel.

But how do you translate that without knowing the lingo? First of all, follow the Kiss rule … Keep it simple, stupid. Teenagers invented net-speak to not have to use so many keystrokes to type notes on their computers or cell phone keypads. All they’ve done is simplified the language to abbreviations and acronyms.

By looking at the letters O-M-G and recognizing the content … that it appears to be used as an explicative, you can deduce it means “oh my god” as in, “Oh my god, Becky. Did you hear what Todd said to Gina about Michelle’s prom dress? I was like, oh my god.”

“OMG Bky. Dyh what td sd 2 Gna bout Michls prom dress? I was lk, OMG!”

Another trick is to learn the basics. We’ve already talked about O-M-G. L-O-L is popular and stands for laugh out loud, meaning something is funny. There’s B-R-B (be right back), B-T-W (by the way) and R-O-F-L which stands for rolling on the floor laughing. If you stumble across one you don’t know, just look at the context and try to identify a common phrase that would fit into that space. If you still can’t figure it out, just type I-D-K … that’s I don’t know.

And if you have kids and happen to see something on their screen that starts with the letter “P”, that’s code for Parent. There’s P-I-R for parents in the room, P-R-W for parents are watching and P-O-S for parents over the shoulder. If you see that, your kid is trying to make sure their friend keeps it clean.

If you do see that, freak your kids out a little bit and type, W-T-F? Then turn off the computer.

And that’s another Daily Idea.

How To Become A Stock Market Stud

Need a little extra cash? Maybe you’re looking for a little financial windfall in the stock market. But how to do you know what stocks to buy? CEO of MyTrade, Andy Swan sent us a list of suggestions on how to become a stock market stud.


Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching The Daily Idea.

Everybody likes money, right? I mean, even the sketchiest of characters can become at least semi-interesting with a wad of cash.

But let’s face it, not everyone can win the lottery.

So all of us regular folks looking for a little financial windfall turn to the stock market. But how to do you know what stocks to buy? Well, while our cracked team of researchers spent all week at the Circle K playing scratch-off games, alert viewer Andy Swan sent us a list of suggestions. Today’s Daily Idea is how to become a stock market stud.

Ignore your uncle.

Chances are you have an uncle or other relative who acts like they know everything about everything. Stock tips rarely work out and if you take one from a relative, you’re setting yourself up for additional family stress. And besides, if Uncle Al knew so much about the stock market, he could afford some cologne.

Listen to kids.

While this may sound a bit counter-intuitive, thing about it. Kids aged 12 to 17 are always hip to the latest in technology. If you paid attention when your younger cousin said,

“Check out this new thing they call and i-pod,” and you bought stock in Apple the next day, you sir, would be partying like a rock star.

Paying attention to teenagers would have also paid off if you overheard them talking about some new game system Nintendo was creating called the Wii.

Sure, Apple and Sony were established stocks when those gadgets came out, but the good stocks only get better when the company introduces innovative new products.

And it was teenagers who started the trend that we’re sure will one day end the world: Crocs.

Avoid cheap stocks

Most first-time investors make the same rookie mistakes and one of them is buying cheap stocks. Cheap stocks are cheap for a reason. Most novice investors thought Google was too expensive at one-hundred dollars per share when it first went public. But a $2,000 investment then is worth $14,000 just three years later.

Please tell me you didn’t spend your $2,000 on shares of Furby.

Don’t be afraid of the new highs

When a company reaches a new high in their stock price and they have a strong reputation, chances are the stock is going to continue to rise. These are companies that are doing well. If they are a small company whose stock has climbed rapidly, there’s a good chance someone big will buy them. That means the stock price is likely to go up or you get shares of the larger company and-or money for your stock to boot.

Think of it as trading up.

Take Andy’s tips to heart, research your stocks before you buy and only play within your budget and before you know it, you’ll be a stock market stud.

And that’s another Daily Idea.

How to Shop on Black Friday


What’s the best thing about Thanksgiving holidays? Black Friday Sales! Do you flock to your favorite retail outlet to find the year’s best deals? If so, let Daily Idea suggest a handful of survival tips to make your shopping experience a little less frantic.Link Resources: MSNBC,, Black Friday Ads

Wal-Mart Black Friday Ads Leaked: Know More Media, Marketing Blurb


Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea. As we approach Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to give thanks for the important things: life, love, good health and fifty percent off everything in the store. Yes, gang, it’s almost Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it, Fat Thursday. The best part about Thursday is, well, Friday. Black Friday to be exact. Hundreds of years ago, Black Friday may have been synonymous with some pestilence, but these days Black Friday is the day when retailers begin turning a profit for the year. Maybe you’re one of the millions of Americans who awake from your turkey hangover to flock to your favorite retail outlet to find the year’s best deals. If you are, let Daily Idea suggest a handful of survival tips to make your shopping experience a little less frantic.

First of all, if you suffer from agoraphobia, Black Friday isn’t for you since you’ll spend the entire day surrounded by crowds. And some of them won’t be happy about having to wait in line to fight for the last Tickle Me Elmo…now with leather pants. Start by mentally preparing yourself for the shopping equivalent of a mosh pit.

Now that you’re ready for the grind, plan a strategy based on the items you want to buy. If you want specific information about a product category, consumer reports dot com is a great resource for figuring out which digital camera or dvd player is the best value. Other sites like about dot com or amazon dot com offer thousands of user product reviews. Do some research online to help you narrow down your list of items.

Now, get the Thanksgiving Day newspaper and flip through all of the ads. Once you’ve gone through the ads, you’ll want to consult an online price comparison website, such as shopping dot com or bizrate dot com so you can avoid overpaying during your shopping frenzy. Be sure to take the ads with you to avoid any disputes over the price of an item that should’ve been marked down.

Many retailers offer deeper discounts if you’re willing to come in at absurd hours. Decide which locations are worth standing in line in the dark and which locations you’ll take your chances on later in the day. Then make your list and plan your shopping route hour by hour. If you’ll be up before the sun is, dress in something comfortable and warm since you’ll probably be standing outside in the cold. If you live in southern California, dress in as little as possible just as you normally would and wear sunscreen. Comfortable shoes are a must, but no Crocs, please. Can we all agree Crocs are so nineteen ninety never?

If you’re feeling particularly chipper, Laura Coffey of suggests you make friends with people in line. She believes “a spirit of camaraderie will not only make the long, dark wait more pleasant — it also could prove to be a godsend if you must give up your place in line so you can run to the bathroom.” Ok, good point, but if you intend on throwing elbows and cursing at woman and children once you’re inside, I’d suggest you just keep to yourself in the parking lot.

We hope these survival tips come in handy. If you chicken out at the last minute, remember you can always shop online this year.

And that’s another Daily Idea.