How to Survive your 9-to-5 job

Are you frustrated with your job and would like to quit? Your boss and that co-worker really suck but you need the money, right? If you feel stuck in the daily grind, use these tips to start survive the daily grind and be happier after work.

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How to Survive Your 9-to-5 por dailyidea


Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea. You know, they don’t call nine to five jobs “the grind” for nothing. Speaking of the grind, whatever happened to Eric Nies. Anyway… Odds are, you’re among the more than eighty percent of Americans not working at their dream job. In fact, Daily Idea found an article from published in February that’s actually titled “Americans hate their jobs more than ever.” According to the article and possibly Mick Jagger, satisfaction is at an all-time low.

So, ok, maybe you don’t love your job. But you need the money, right? Daily Idea is here to help you start liking your job a little bit more by taking some easy to accomplish baby steps.

First, maintain at least a cordial relationship with everyone in your office and a friendly relationship with a few others. You probably spend more time with these people than you do with your spouse or children. That’s why it helps if you can develop a few fulfilling relationships at the office that help you get out of bed when you’d rather call in sick.
Since most of us don’t get to choose our co-workers – believe me, I didn’t choose to work with this guy

You’ll probably find a person…or twenty you just don’t like. Find something redeeming in everyone. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to get along, even with your nemesis. Just say to yourself, “My nemesis, that guy has nice eyes.”

Another job satisfier is having pride in your work. A job well done is a reward in itself even if you hate your job. Doing the best job you can do, will help get you noticed. That’s when promotions and raises come. If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, you might as well get paid more to stick around. You may even get promoted to a job you like better.

Do a good job, but leave your work at work. The best part about a nine to five job is that after five is your time. Don’t take work home with you. This includes checking emails, your blackberry or even thinking about your job while you’re at home. If you can consistently turn off your work life when you turn out your office light, you’ll find more energy in the morning to help you get through the day.

Try to detach yourself from stress in the office. Lots of companies focus on sales targets and profits. A strict focus on the bottom line creates pressure in the work place. Don’t get caught up in the ups and downs of your company’s financial performance. To break out of the constant cycle of pressure, take your lunch break away from work. It’s good to get away from it all when you can.

Look, no one’s job is perfect, not even the people lucky enough to have their dream job. But, a few minor adjustments in your attitude can improve your outlook at work. And we mean the human kind of outlook, not the Microsoft kind that’s keeps you chained to your desk at your crummy job. Hey, look on the bright side, it’s Friday!

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