What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

It’s almost Halloween judging by all the weird inflatables in your neighbor’s yard. Halloween means two things: first, you need a costume. Second, you need to schedule the day after Halloween off because, let’s face it, you’re going to get hammered again this year.

But back to the costume. The fact is, what you wear Halloween night says a lot about you. Daily Idea contacted The International Council on Ridiculous Halloween Costumes to help you avoid saying too much with your get up before you ever open your mouth.

Let’s start with what we call the “one trick pony” costume. The one trick pony is basically just one big sight gag that gets old after about two minutes. It’s even less funny when you have to explain the joke. The one trick pony says “I was too lazy to go all out for a costume and so I just settled for a big prop. I’m just here for the beer.” This guy ponied up twenty five bucks for a big novelty magnet with little chicks on it. He’s a chick magnet, get it. This is about as hilarious as a colonoscopy. And isn’t “chick magnet” a little arrogant? If you really wanna be a chick magnet, guys, dress yourself as a wad of cash. Continue reading

How to Survive your 9-to-5 job

Are you frustrated with your job and would like to quit? Your boss and that co-worker really suck but you need the money, right? If you feel stuck in the daily grind, use these tips to start survive the daily grind and be happier after work.

This video was inspired by Jay’s great post. Read more of his work at Dumb Little Man.com.

How to Survive Your 9-to-5 por dailyidea


Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea. You know, they don’t call nine to five jobs “the grind” for nothing. Speaking of the grind, whatever happened to Eric Nies. Anyway… Odds are, you’re among the more than eighty percent of Americans not working at their dream job. In fact, Daily Idea found an article from MSNBC.com published in February that’s actually titled “Americans hate their jobs more than ever.” According to the article and possibly Mick Jagger, satisfaction is at an all-time low.

So, ok, maybe you don’t love your job. But you need the money, right? Daily Idea is here to help you start liking your job a little bit more by taking some easy to accomplish baby steps.

First, maintain at least a cordial relationship with everyone in your office and a friendly relationship with a few others. You probably spend more time with these people than you do with your spouse or children. That’s why it helps if you can develop a few fulfilling relationships at the office that help you get out of bed when you’d rather call in sick.
Since most of us don’t get to choose our co-workers – believe me, I didn’t choose to work with this guy

You’ll probably find a person…or twenty you just don’t like. Find something redeeming in everyone. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to get along, even with your nemesis. Just say to yourself, “My nemesis, that guy has nice eyes.”

Another job satisfier is having pride in your work. A job well done is a reward in itself even if you hate your job. Doing the best job you can do, will help get you noticed. That’s when promotions and raises come. If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, you might as well get paid more to stick around. You may even get promoted to a job you like better.

Do a good job, but leave your work at work. The best part about a nine to five job is that after five is your time. Don’t take work home with you. This includes checking emails, your blackberry or even thinking about your job while you’re at home. If you can consistently turn off your work life when you turn out your office light, you’ll find more energy in the morning to help you get through the day.

Try to detach yourself from stress in the office. Lots of companies focus on sales targets and profits. A strict focus on the bottom line creates pressure in the work place. Don’t get caught up in the ups and downs of your company’s financial performance. To break out of the constant cycle of pressure, take your lunch break away from work. It’s good to get away from it all when you can.

Look, no one’s job is perfect, not even the people lucky enough to have their dream job. But, a few minor adjustments in your attitude can improve your outlook at work. And we mean the human kind of outlook, not the Microsoft kind that’s keeps you chained to your desk at your crummy job. Hey, look on the bright side, it’s Friday!

How to Lose your Job in 7 Easy Steps


Want to get the pink slip? Dressing for success has become such a high priority you can literally turn to any magazine or web site for advice? Instead of that same boring scoop, here’s our guide on what you should NOT do to look professional.Thanks to Clever Dude for the great information.


Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching The Daily Idea.

The saying is true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Chances are you’ve heard your boss say that a couple hundred times. Dressing for success has become such a high priority for folks you can literally turn to any fashion magazine, newspaper or website to find advice on “how to dress like a professional”

Well, here at the Daily Idea, we think a little differently.

Today we’re not going to give you a list of what to wear written by the PR firm for a clothing store. We’re going to give you something useful. Here are some things you should NOT do if you want to look professional.

Just to be clear … you do NOT want to dress like this … unless, of course, you hate your boss, hate your job and just wanna stir the pot.

Don’t shave or shave badly. This goes for guys and gals. Fellas … leave a stray whisker or two … maybe even a patch. When you look like you’ve been attacked by hair lesions, you’re sure to turn off a co-worker or two. And ladies, get all woolly mammoth then opt for the mini skirt. Tell ‘em it’s Protest Razor Burn Month.

Stop using deodorant. Everyone has that one coworker with halitosis of the skin. You too can make secretaries gasp for air and birthday bouquets die instantly.

Proudly display your tattoos. And not just the one on your ankle! Go bare midriff and point out the eagle in full flight just above your butt.

Ladies … wear big, hoop earrings with charms. Nothing says “I want that promotion” like the jingle, jangle, jingle of miniature cow bells hanging off your head.

SANDALS! This is a particularly good idea if you’ve recently acquired a foot fungus. But make sure you sell it – Kick back in the weekly staff meeting and throw that athlete’s foot right up on the conference table.

Tight clothes. And I’m not talking try to look sexy tight. I’m talking, try to make sure you can see skin between the buttons tight. This is infinitely more effective if you’re fat and don’t wear undershirts. If you have on really tight pants, try to bend over and pick things up in front of others. Nothing sells it like a publicly split crotch.

Flip the tight coin and wear clothes that are too big. Go for three or four sizes to big. Make sure when standing relaxed, hands to your side, that people can’t see your fingers. When you walk by people in the hall, spice up the day by making windmills out of your sleeves.

Let that unibrow grow. If you need to pluck your eyebrows to look good, lay off for a while so folks can see you in your more natural state. Ladies, if you have a little upper lip issue, let that go too. There’s not a middle manager I know that doesn’t dig chicks with mustaches.

Don’t brush your teeth. In fact, go all out … smoke, drink lots of coffee and make sure to become a close talker. Oh, and randomly offer to make out with people.

And we saved this tip for the fellas. Monotone sneakers, matching backwards ball cap, ankle socks, oversized shorts and collared shirt, unbuttoned halfway down to show off your bling and your wife-beater … and don’t forget the Justin Timberlake chin fuzz … With that get-up you’re destined to be the bottom rung on the corporate ladder, that is if you keep your job, because that gear qualifies you as a tool.

There you have it: a handful sure-fire ways to look unprofessional at work. Again, we only offer them as an example of what not to do … unless of course, you’re over worked, under paid and don’t like your job much. If that’s the case … use at your own risk, but have fun, video it and send us the clips!

And that’s another Daily Idea.

How much should you tip?

Tipping is tricky because a lot us don’t always know when to tip, who to tip or how much to tip. We’ll help you make sense out of this topsy turvy world and today we’re going to tackle tipping.For more information, check out The Simple Dollar and Personal Finance Advice.

Full Transcript

Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea.

When you got your last mortgage statement was there a little smiley face on the bill? What about the last time you were at the DMV? Did the surly woman behind the counter smile and say, “Come back and see us”? How about the last time you went to the movies with a group of friends? Did you pay an extra eighteen percent because you were with a group of six?

We associate all of those things with the service industry and they all relate to tipping. Tipping is tricky because a lot us don’t always know when to tip, who to tip or how much to tip. The guy who reads your water meter provides a service, but you don’t tip him and you don’t send in a little extra for him on your monthly bill. But you do tip a bartender for giving you a drink you’re already paying for. Strange. Continue reading

How to Avoid Meetings That Suck

How to Avoid Meetings that Suck by dailyidea

Post sponsored by Search Studio – Advertising agency based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Or as they say in Spanish: Agencias de publicidad en Monterrey.

How do businesses solve most problems? With meetings. Meetings are a necessary part of everyone’s business day. Make your meetings more effective by following some simple guidelines. Everyone will thank you for freeing up a portion of their day.

Thanks to one of our viewers, James Heires for submitting this idea! Now you can also read the full transcript of our shows, by reading the full post.

Full transript:

Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching The Daily Idea.

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be ‘meetings.’”

While that quote is from humorist Dave Barry, there’s a lot of truth behind it. We all know what it’s like to be in meetings all day only to go home feeling like you didn’t get anything done.

Well the behavioral research team here at The Daily Idea thinks it may not be the meetings that are the problem, but how the meetings are run. Of course, they needed a two hour meeting to come up with that, but that’s beside the point.

Fortunately for them, an alert viewer sent in a suggestion for a Daily Idea. James Heires, a professional meeting planner, says our researchers are on the right track. Here are his tips on how to run an effective meeting, with visual reenactment provided by … well, three guys we bribed with free chalupas.

First, have a meeting purpose or objective.
FALLS: Okay, I thought we’d get together and just see where everyone is.
TODD: (pauses, acts like the manager is nuts) The conference room?
CHAD: (half asleep, perhaps drunk) The Bahamas.

The second tip is to have an agenda and stick to it.
FALLS: And as you can see from the numbers before you, the quarterly report is not going to look good.
TODD: Sir, this is Rob’s birthday thing.

The third tip is to establish time limits for each topic.
FALLS: Now, moving on to point 23b, you can see from the bar graph that the inflationary precautions we predicted in quarter one

Tip number four is to ensure all participants participate, especially when it’s a conference call.
SPEAKERPHONE: And that’s what we’ve got from the west coast. Anyone there have any questions?
FALLS: Sounds good to me, Todd?
TODD: Nope, I’m good. Chad?
CHAD: That covers it for me, too. Rob?
ROB: I’m good.

Tip number five is to start and end on time.
FALLS: And that takes care of it. (LOOKS AT WATCH) Okay. That’s 12 minutes early. Anybody wanna Wii?

The sixth tip is to publish and distribute the minutes of all major decisions, progress or action items.

ROB: Here’s the meeting minutes from yesterday Todd.
TODD: Oh thanks, Rob.


Perhaps the best suggestion James offered is the last one: Don’t have a meeting at all if it’s not needed! Start preparing your topic and agenda before hand. If all the information can be shared via email, hit send and save everyone some valuable time.

ROB: Hey Chad. The meeting was cancelled. Didn’t you get Todd’s email?
CHAD: Oh … no. IT’s had my computer all day. Something about Ham … Lamb … Spam … something.

Now, we’ve taken James’s suggestions and had a little fun with them, but professional meeting planners everywhere will tell you, he’s spot on.

And just like James, you too can send in your suggestion for a show topic. Just go to DailyIdea-dot-T-V and click on the “Suggest An Idea” link at the top of the page.

Thanks, James! Now, if you’ll excuse me … I’ve got to run to a meeting.

And that’s another Daily Idea.

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